Womens Health Physiotherapist

Womens Health Physiotherapist

Our Women’s Health Physio – Neirmine Malak who has worked at Pasadena Medical for many years as well as working at the Noarlunga Pelvic Pain Unit for the last 15 years. Neirmine treats all types of conditions but specialises in the following areas:         Endometriosis         All pelvic floor … Read more

Problem Periods

Having symptoms of a heavy, painful or irregular period can be quite frustrating or even debilitating for many women. Many of our General Practitioners have the expertise to arrange necessary investigation of symptoms as well as all treatment options including medical and hormonal treatment and intrauterine device insertion. We can also provide onsite iron infusions … Read more

Menopause Assessment, Advice & Management

Menopause is a natural event for every woman. Menopause is defined by a woman’s last menstrual period. A woman is said to be ‘post-menopausal’ if there has been no period for 12 months in a row. Menopause can happen naturally or as a result of some health conditions, medication or surgical procedures. When periods stop … Read more

Pre-Pregnancy Planning, Antenatal & Postnatal Care

The following services are provided as part of your care at Pasadena Medical: Initial pregnancy visit (long appointment) Early pregnancy screening tests (blood tests and ultrasound scans, first trimester screening and other non-invasive prenatal screening tests). Antenatal shared care with the public hospital obstetric services at Women’s & Children’s or Flinders Medical Centre Pregnancy loss … Read more

Implantable Contraception

Implantable contraception is a birth control implant used by many women as a method of contraception which involves a minor procedure. The implant is a flexible plastic rod, around 4cm long and 2mm in diameter, that is inserted under the skin of the inner side of the upper arm. It provides contraception for up to … Read more

Intrauterine Device (IUD) Insertions

IUDs (also known as an Intrauterine Device) are used as a form of contraception, for control of heavy menstrual bleeding, or as part of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). We have several GPs trained in both hormonal & non-hormonal IUD insertion, please call us for more details. ​You may have discussed this option with your regular … Read more