Dr Sheng-Wen Cheng

Dr Sheng-Wen Cheng is a fellow with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, completing his degree in 2007. He studied at The University of Adelaide before doing his internship at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He also holds a Diploma in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery with extensive experience in skin cancer detection and treatment having worked alongside a general surgeon who specialised in major skin cancers at Glenelg Day Surgery and has gained local experience in skin cancer surgery including skin grafts and flaps.

Aside from skin cancer medicine Dr Cheng joys all aspects of General Practice particularly chronic disease management, men’s health, mental health, musculoskeletal medicine & paediatrics.

Dr Cheng is fluent in Mandarin, Taiwanese and English having been born in Taiwan and moving to Australia in 2000.

He also has experience working with patients who may require alternative treatments and he is a part of the authorised prescriber scheme, which allows, should it be suitable for the patient, medical practitioners to supply products that are not included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods to certain patients with particular medical conditions.

Available: Wednesday PM