Intrauterine Device (IUD) Insertions

IUDs (also known as an Intrauterine Device) are used as a form of contraception, for control of heavy menstrual bleeding, or as part of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

We have several GPs trained in both hormonal & non-hormonal IUD insertion, please call us for more details.

​You may have discussed this option with your regular GP and our IUD inserters are happy to receive referrals for the procedure if you aren’t a regular patient at out clinic. You will require a minimum of three appointments as follows:

Initial Consult

This will be a long consult (30 – 45 minutes). Information will be given about IUD’s and a pelvic examination will be performed including vaginal swabs and cervical screening if this is due.

Insertion Consult

This will be a long consult (45 minutes) in the treatment room with your doctor and one of the Practice Nurses. Your results will be discussed and you will be consented for the procedure. The IUD will be inserted.

​Follow-up Consult

This will be a standard consult (15 minutes) six -eight weeks after the insertion of the IUD to perform an examination and answer any questions related to the IUD.