Pre-Pregnancy Planning, Antenatal & Postnatal Care

The following services are provided as part of your care at Pasadena Medical:

  • Initial pregnancy visit (long appointment)
  • Early pregnancy screening tests (blood tests and ultrasound scans, first trimester screening and other non-invasive prenatal screening tests).
  • Antenatal shared care with the public hospital obstetric services at Women’s & Children’s or Flinders Medical Centre
  • Pregnancy loss assessment and advice
  • Postnatal visits for women & babies
  • Breastfeeding advice

If you are pregnant  please book a long appointment with one of our antenatal accredited GPs to discuss what testing and referrals are required and what model of pregnancy care you wish to follow (GP shared care, midwifery care or private obstetrician care).

​We participate in the Statewide Obstetric Shared Care Program which allows shared antenatal care between public hospital and accredited shared care GPs. This means you will see one our Shared Care providers for majority of your pregnancy with a few appointments at your chosen hospital and then deliver at the hospital. It also means that the same GP who has cared for you during the pregnancy can continue to care for you and your baby in the weeks and months after birth. Other benefits include a safe and familiar environment and GPs are also trained to deal with other relevant issues such as monitoring your mental health during the pregnancy and in the postnatal period and the provision of contraception.

Many of our GPs are accredited and highly experienced at providing pregnancy care. ​​It is important to come in and see us as soon as you can (within 8 weeks of missing your period)  as some early pregnancy testing screening tests are time critical.

​We also provide postnatal care for all women and their infants and recommend visits at 2 weeks postnatal and 6 weeks postnatal (the 6 week postnatal visit can be combined with your baby’s 6 week vaccinations).

​Please remember to book postnatal visits for both yourself and your baby and to let reception know if you wish to book for immunisation for the baby at the 6 week postnatal visit.